AI by mechanical engineers

As a future-oriented company, we have set ourselves the goal of making the latest technologies available to us and our customers. We are one of the first to bring artificial intelligence into the production halls of our customers and thereby solve the most difficult challenges that could not be solved thus far.

By working with us, you have an experienced mechanical engineer at your side who will implement your individual quality inspection within the framework of automation.

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AI for industry

kim is an evaluation tool based on artificial intelligence that was developed for industrial applications. This tool enables a level of quality inspection that cannot be achieved by analytical methods and has so far been reserved exclusively for humans. kim is your individually trainable QM colleague that impresses with permanent availability, 100% reproducibility and decision-making power within seconds.


AI is economical

  • Increase quality
  • Saving critical resoureces
  • Monitoring of critical processes
  • Replicable results
KI ist wirtschaftlich


AI project process

In a feasibility study, we develop the image capturing and a first prototype of the future new employee kim for our customers. kim can sometimes with less than 30 images in the training already show how well it has learned and understood the task.

In the subsequent validation phase, we offer our clients the kim prototype in the form of a test stand. Here you can already use and test your future employee in your production halls. During the validation phase, kim is continually improved with more data and brought to perfection.

Afterwards, nothing prevents integration into the fully automated production line. We are happy to develop a new production line for you or integrate kim into an existing line for you.

There is always the possibility to extend kim to new product types and other requirements. All you have to do is add new knowledge to kim.

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